The Monk Diamond Discovery

I helped my daughter learn some code by using the Get Coding! Book to make webpages for The Monk Diamond website.

JavaScript Order Form

Order form for booking a reservation that uses JavaScript for the browser to send a “Thank You” alert message when you enter your information and click Submit.

Created a digital portfolio with NameCheap

This gave me practice with uploading files to a web server to get the custom coded web pages onto the internet and made public. To view my digital portfolio, click here. *This website will continually improve over time through feedback and acquired knowledge.*

New Harvest Food Bank

Created a website for a non-profit organization. This site was made with a responsive design for an excellent experience no matter the device size using CSS media queries. See it live at New Harvest Food Bank !

Tuba Farm Equipment

One of the project I completed in class for the Tuba Farm Equipment company, using JavaScript alongside of HTML and CSS. The left side changes based on selections/entries on the form.


Created a sleek logo for LA MIRAGE to be used for their business cards, invoices, letterheads and advertisements using Adobe Illustrator.

Photoshop Project

A class project that allowed me to blend an image of people with a random background including words.

How to Build Good Credit

Created an informal web page using HTML and CSS about how to build good credit.

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